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Robinson Crusoe A

Published 1927

Silent film version of Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe, directed and produced (and starring) M.A. Wetherell. In three parts.

Producer M.A. Wetherell
Audio/Visual silent, black and white


Reviewer: wellcopes - - October 13, 2009
Subject: Cast Away
Once day my English teacher told me that a needed to watch that movie from Tom Hanks, so I said: "i prefer reading or watching a movie about Crusoe." And he said: "Who's that?!"
Reviewer: Bill T. - - June 11, 2004
Subject: Before Mel Gibson..
Before Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson did it so handily, there was M.A. Wetherell writing, directing AND starring in his vanity production of Robinson Crusoe. I actually thought it was going to be more hammy, but actually, thankfully, Wetherell puts some humanity into his portrayal of Crusoe, and moves the story along nicely (wonders, since he's the only person in the movie for 3/4 of the movie). However when Friday comes along, it sorta turns into this weird homoerotic fantasy (what IS crusoe wearing?) and the character of Friday is not quite Stepin Fetchit territory, but veers close. The ending when he's reunited with his lady love is probably the most ridiculous part, as she welcomes the man who's been gone for so long as if he was just away on a little stroll around the block.. Also.. did she EVER tear herself away from the house? Did she ever change her clothes?? Such questions!
Reviewer: cashel - - March 7, 2004
Subject: a 1927 feature film
THE director had a very interestng life...IN 1933,he created huge publicity on the LOCH NESS monster.. He created a monster using a child,s toy and his photos and film generated vast interest, including questions in the U>K> parliament..This film will not appeal to modern audiences.. There are several sound versions,one is in color and is a classic, including the acting which is superb///This silent film could be improved with a lot of editing ,music track., sound effects, a voice commentary., but is it worth the effort?